Five Steps to Remember

Memorize Bible verses with Remember Me. Apply the basic principles of Scripture memorization to your daily life.

1 Add a new Bible memory verse.

The Bible memory app Remember Me offers various options to save a Bible memory text to your device. You can

  • enter any text manually
  • retrieve a verse from a variety of Bible versions
  • download Bible memory verse collections from other users

2 Commit a Bible verse to memory.

Studying a Bible verse gets fun if you apply a variety of methods.

  • Listen to it
  • Hide random words
  • Make it a puzzle
  • Display first letters or empty word lines
  • Type its first letters

3 Use topics and images.

Not everybody is good with numbers - and you don’t need to be to memorize with a system. Add a topic or an image to your Bible memory verse and it will help you pick out the right Bible verse from your memory.

4 Review memorized Bible verses.

Once you have committed a memory verse, it shows up for review in the “Due” box. Start a series of Bible flashcards to review the verses. Say the Scripture memory verse aloud, flip the card, and check if you got it right.

Spaced Repetition makes sure you review newly memorized Bible verses often, but don’t forget well known Bible memory verses either.

5 Redeem the time.

Make the most of every opportunity. The best Bible memory apps work because you can take the two minutes during which you are brushing your teeth to memorize Scripture. Keep Remember Me with you and use it during those natural pause moments of life.

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