Studying and Reviewing Scripture Memory Verses

Remember Me’s games and intelligent review system help you to memorize Scripture and retain it.

The Learning Process

Memory verses move between the boxes “New”, “Due”, and “Known”.
You can change the sort order of a box by tapping on the active tab .

Actions:1. Study2. Commit3. Review
4. Recall5. Review
  1. Study new verses.
  2. Committing a verse moves it to box “Due”.
  3. Review passages of verses.
  4. Successfully recalling a verse moves it to box “Known”.
  5. Review references of randomly selected verses.


After adding a verse, it can be studied using different kinds of games. To start studying, tap on the verse and on the school study symbol.

wb_cloudy Obfuscate: Hide some words and try to recite the verse by filling in the missing words from your memory. Tap on an obfuscated word in order to reveal it.

extension Puzzle: Build the verse by tapping on the correct word.

subject Line Up: Display empty lines or first letters by tapping on the icon on the left (on the bottom bar). Advance by tapping on plus_one (+word) or playlist_add (+line). Try to recite the word or line before you reveal it.

keyboard Typing: Build the verse by typing the first letter of each word.

After committing the verse to memory swipe the flashcard to the right in order to move it to the “Due” list. From now on, the verse takes part in the reviewing process.

Reviewing Passages

Select the box “Due”. If you would like to change the order of the verses, tap on “Due” again. There are 3 ways to start a review:

outlined flashcard

Starts a review of multiple flashcards.

Tapping on a verse

Starts a review of a single flashcard.

Pressing long on a verse

Opens the flashcard on the passage side directly.

When reference and topic are displayed, recite the verse from memory, then flip the card to check if you were correct. If you prefer reciting the verse line by line (for editing line breaks see Adding and Editing Verses), tap the rule icon in the bottom right corner for each line.

If you need a little help to get started, press long on the card to get a hint. (You can skip a card by swiping it down.)

If you remembered the verse correctly, swipe it to the right in order to move it to the “Known” box. This will increase the verse’s level by one (until the review limit in the account’s settings is reached). If it was not quite correct, swipe it to the left. This will reset the verse’s level to 0. This might sound a bit shocking, but it is very important for the review frequency of the verse. Verses with low levels show up for review more often. This helps to reinforce your memory of a verse before it gets forgotten. Spaced Repetition ensures that you repeat challenging passages frequently, but also don’t forget familiar passages.

Reviewing References

If you want to review the references of the passages reviewed today only, press on the label “Reviewed today”, before you start. Select the tab “Known”, set its sort order to “Random”, and tap on the button with the filled flashcard icon at the bottom.

Remember Me shuffles the cards and presents their passages. Try to recite the reference from memory, and flip the card by tapping it to check if you are correct. If you are, swipe the card to the right. If you aren’t, swipe it to the left. The app will get the card back to you during the review session until you remember it.

You can skip a card by swiping it down. Unlike reviewing passages, the app does not keep track of your reviewing progress. This mode of reviewing is more like a quiz you should take once in a while to refresh your knowledge of the references.