Managing Bible Memory Verses

Retrieve Bible verses from online bibles or add and edit any other text for learning by heart. Postpone, delete, or restore Bible memory flashcards.

Adding a Bible Memory Verse

Select the tab “New” and press on the “+” button at the bottom of the screen to open the form. Fill in reference and passage and tap on the top left button (save disk symbol) in order to save the verse. The verse is now listed in your inbox.
(Tutorial: How to USE the REMEMBER ME APP)

Retrieving a Passage from an Online Bible

When adding or editing a verse, tap the dropdown button arrow_drop_down of the field “Source” in order to open the list of available Bible versions, or type a Bible abbreviation (e.g. KJV) into the field “Source”.

If Remember Me recognizes the reference (e.g. 1st Jn 3:16 or 1John 3:1-3) as a reference to a Bible passage and the source (e.g. ESV) as an online Bible version, it displays a button with a menu_book Bible symbol. An additional toggle button format_list_numbered allows to retrieve the passage with or without verse numbers. If you tap the Scripture button, Remember Me opens the online Bible’s website and offers you to paste paste the passage into the app. You can add additional line breaks or other modifications and save the verse (see above).
(Tutorial: Change BIBLE TRANSLATIONS in Remember Me App)

Getting a Verse from a Bible App

Most mobile Bible apps allow to share verses with other apps. Mark the verse in the Bible app, select “Share”, and choose Remember Me from the list of apps. Remember Me opens the verse editor and fills in reference, passage, and source (if provided by the Bible app). Tap on the save button to add the verse to your box of new Bible memory verses.

Editing a Scripture Memory Verse

If you tap on a verse listed in one of the three boxes (New, Due, Known), it is displayed as a flash card. You can edit it by tapping on the pencil symbol in the top bar.

You can break a passage into multiple study sections by adding line breaks.

Attaching an Image

When editing a verse (see above), you can attach an image that will be used as flashcard background for the verse. Basically, you can enter the internet address (URL) of any image available online in the field “Image URL” in the lower part of the screen. For convenience, there is an image image button on the right for searching images on Tap on the name to find out more about the photographer and on the image to insert its address into the form field. Only photos from are included in public verse collections.

Tap on the top left button (save disk symbol) in order to save the verse with the image attached.

Moving, Postponing, or Deleting Verses

Select verses by tapping on their badge (rounded square on the left), and open the menu on the right (three dots). It provides the options to move the selected verses to a different box, to postpone their due date, or to delete them.

Restore Deleted Verses

Recently deleted Scripture memory verses can be restored online from the waste bin.

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